I've been in to aeromedelling since 1975. At the beginning it was static plastic scale model building with hundreds of models in different scales 1:144, 1:72, 1:48.

In 1979 I switched to flying models building mainly small rubber powered Keil Kraft kits. In 1980 I bought my first glow plug engine, a Thunder Tiger 15 which I used to power a CL ( balsa planks P51 Mustang.

In 1982 I bought a fantastic Supertigre G20/15 RC Glow with which I powered several CL models the last being an Aeropiccola Stunt Master.

Nowadays I just do RC.

Follow the links below and have a look at my models, at my club air strip, at my CNC machines and lab, as well as my friend Jerry's web page:


CNC Router

Foam Wings CNC cutter

My lathe

Aviomodel Val di Sangro

My friend Jerry from the USA